Our Community


Commitment to the community

We donate portions of our settlements and judgments to local not-for profit groups we believe make a positive impact on our community. We are supporters of Legal Services of Southern Missouri and Legal Aid of Western Missouri, which provide legal help to low-income and elderly people in Missouri.

Policy advocacy and precedent setting cases

We also support organizations that advocate for policy initiatives benefiting consumers, access to the civil justice system, and civil liberties. We are proud supporters of groups such as Public Justice, the National Association of Consumer Advocates and the American Association for Justice.

Our cases are intended to make an impact – safer products, cutting government fraud, and protecting consumer rights.

Pro bono

We believe to have a fair and just legal system, access to high quality legal representation should not only be for the wealthy. We encourage our lawyers to take on cases they believe will serve the greater good of our community regardless of the possibility of remuneration. As a whole our firm selects cases we believe will make a difference, and pursues those cases aggressively will the full weight of our skill and resources. 


Our commitment to our world, our environment, permeates our business. We believe sustainable actions speak louder than aspirational goals. We have converted our offices into electronic virtually paperless offices. Rather than print documents and files, we utilize digital imaging, electronic mail, and electronic filing. In those rare instances we still require paper documents, we use papers produced by sustainable wood forests from companies that implement an ISO 14001 environmental management system. Our offices primarily use high efficiency fluorescent and compact fluorescent lighting that automatically power off when work areas are unoccupied. All of our networked information technology and computer systems are configured to power-down or engage low-power modes when unutilized.