Insurance Disputes

Broken Promises

Today's families and small businesses purchase insurance for piece of mind. All too often when an insurance company is asked to keep the coverage promises it has made, policyholders are met with denials, delays, and excuses. We believe insurance companies who are willing to cash premium checks, should pay legitimate claims.

Whether it is homeowners', auto, property, health, liability, or other insurance coverage, an insurance company should stand behind its policyholder. When insurance companies deny coverage for legitimate claims, fail or delay to make adequate investigations, or attempt to only pay a partial amount, they may be violating vexatious refusal statutes, unfair claim practices regulations, or committing torts such has bad-faith failure to settle.

We work with consumers and policyholders who have legitimate claims against their own insurance company as an insured, as well as clients who have claims against the liability insurance of others. In many of our cases, we are work to secure insurance coverage for the defendant after their own insurance company has abandoned them by wrongfully denying coverage for a lawsuit.

Insurance companies have adjusters and claims attorneys on their side working to delay, deny, and minimize claims. We work to help families, consumers, and other policyholders receive the fair treatment they deserve.


Current Investigations

Case Title Issue
American Family Accident Claims

We are investigating the claims practices of American Family, also known as American Family Mutual Insurance Company. In the last year American Family collected nearly $380 million in automobile insurance premiums from Missouri policyholders.

We are investigating cases where American...

State Farm Automobile Accident Insurance

We are investigating the claims practices of State Farm, also known as State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. In the last year State Farm collected over $620 million in automobile insurance premiums from Missouri policyholders. We are investigating cases where State Farm has failed to...

Past Results

Case Title Issue Result
Goans v. QBE Insurance Co. and Hard Wok Cafes

B2B, a New York company, and Macaw a/k/a Maxileads, a Romanian company, sent unsolicited facsimile advertisement on behalf of a now closed Missouri restaurant. Over 10,000 of the unsolicited...

$14.6 million judgment in favor of the Class. Our firm, along with co-counsel from St. Louis and...

In Re: Capital One Credit Protection Fraud

Capital One charged cardholders enrolled in "Payment Protection" a fee for what it promised would provide debt cancellation when certain events, such as involuntary unemployment, disability, or...

$250 million nationwide settlment providing benefits to consumers who had enrolled in the Capital One...