Consumer Fraud

Fighting Fraud. Protecting Consumers.

Deceptive and unfair business practices such as false advertising, fraudulent billing, and misleading marketing harm individual consumers, legitimate businesses and the public in general. Working families deserve to know they are being told the truth when the purchase a product or service. Legitimate businesses deserve a fair marketplace where dishonest competitors do not gain an advantage over ethical competitors.

Most states have statutes that prohibit deceptive trade practices. Missouri’s Merchandising Practices Act makes unlawful the “act, use or employment by any person of any deception, fraud, false pretense, false promise, misrepresentation, unfair practice or the concealment, suppression, or omission of any material fact in connection with the sale or advertisement of any merchandise..”

Violation of Missouri’s Merchandising Practices Act allows for criminal penalties, civil actions by private persons, actions by the attorney general, and class action lawsuits.

Many of our lawsuits on behalf of consumers are class actions. A class action allows many small claims to be combined and resolved in one lawsuit. Without the class action, most consumers who have been defrauded or wronged for anything less than several thousand dollars, would have no realistic way to have their day in court.

Today, more and more consumer fraud takes place on the Internet. From spyware, to predatory lending, to banking fraud, the consumer fraud on the Internet has exploded. Our firm has invested in the technical and investigative resources to track down the perpetrators of consumer frauds over the Internet.

Current Investigations

Case Title Issue
Timeshare Fraud / Timeshare Cancellation

Did you purchase a timeshare from a timeshare company?  Do you feel you were deceived into buying a timeshare that is worthless or that you cannot even use?  Have the costs of timeshare ownership and escalating...

Virtual Mining Corporation and Active Mining Corporation

We are investigating the marketing and advertising practices of an enterprise using the names "Virtual Mining Corporation" and "Active Mining Corporation". We have received reports these companies, operated from Springfield, Missouri have accepted orders and full pre-payments from consumers for...

Butterfly Labs and BF Labs, Inc. Bitcoin Miners

We are investigating the marketing and advertising practices of the company BF Labs, Inc., which does business under the name "Butterfly Labs". We have received reports that Butterfly Labs, based in Leawood, Kansas, has accepted orders and full pre-payments from consumers for Bitcoin mining...

Scott Tucker, AMG Services, and CLK Management

A maze of websites and business names making online payday loans with ultra-high interest rates, are ultimately controlled by a group of individuals located in Overland Park, Kansas, according to former employees and a government investigation. 


PRA, Inc.

We have filed suit against a group of individuals and a network of shell companies, which have used illegal threats and deception to induce consumers or their family members to pay non-exist debts. This network has been using the name "PRA, Inc.", to confuse consumers into believing the group is...

Past Results

Case Title Issue Result
In Re: Capital One Credit Protection Fraud

Capital One charged cardholders enrolled in "Payment Protection" a fee for what it promised would provide debt cancellation when certain events, such as involuntary unemployment, disability, or...

$250 million nationwide settlment providing benefits to consumers who had enrolled in the Capital One...