Justice for all


We believe to have a fair and just legal system, access to high quality legal representation should not only be for the wealthy.

Free initial consultation or case review

We don’t charge you anything to initially review your case. With our free initial consultation, you have no obligation. This provides us an opportunity to discuss the facts we need to determine if we are able to take your case on. This also provides you an opportunity to ask questions about the legal issues in your case, what to expect in a lawsuit and find out more about our firm. After an initial review of your case, we will determine if we are able to take your case on.

Contingency Fees – Everyone should be able to afford a lawyer

The types of cases we handle -- class action lawsuits, suits involving dangerous products or injuries -- are some of the most expensive and time consuming cases to bring to trial. Contingency fees allow clients to hire us to pursue their cases without any upfront fees. We are paid a fee only if we successfully obtain a recovery for the client. This benefits our clients by enabling them to pursue their case with no upfront out of pocket expense. We are paid only for results.

Additionally we usually will advance the costs of bringing the case to trial including court reporters, depositions, videos, investigators, expert witness and electronic legal research.

Clear, written fee agreements

When you become a client of our firm, we will both sign a written agreement or engagement letter that clearly states what our fees will be and how they are calculated. For class action cases ultimately the Judge will determine what a fair and reasonable fee for our work is.

Ready to ask about your case?