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Every day at the Wood Law Firm we work to obtain justice for consumers. Our cases thwart consumer fraud, make products safer and stop abusive telemarketers. Although we have obtained millions of dollars in judgments and settlements on behalf of defrauded and injured consumers, our lawsuits have also resulted in precedent-setting decisions protecting future consumers from dishonest schemes and unsafe products. 

From our offices in Kansas City and Springfield, Missouri we tackle high-stakes civil litigation across the United States. We do not charge you a fee to discuss a possible case, and the majority of our cases are handled for a contingent fee, meaning you pay no fee unless we are successful. 

Although we are selective about the cases we take on, when we take on a case we are relentless in our pursuit of justice for our clients. 

The Class Action 

Many of our lawsuits on behalf of consumers are class actions. A class action allows many small claims to be combined and resolved in one lawsuit. A representative of lead plaintiff appointed by the court will prosecute the action on behalf of a defined group that has been harmed by the defendant’s conduct. The defined group is the “class”.

Class actions are important because they are often the only practical way the members of the class can redress the wrong they are suing for. Often the damages suffered by each individual class members may not be great enough to justify each person filing their own lawsuit. However since a class action can involve thousands or millions of members, the total of the damages from the wrongful conduct can be huge. Absent a class action, defendants would be able to make huge profits from illegal activity as long as each victim’s claim was small enough to make a lawsuit impractical.

“Without the class action, most consumers who have been defrauded or wronged for anything less than several thousand dollars, would have no realistic way to have their day in court. No one is going to spend the time and money to bring such a case when the cost to pursue the case far outweighs the consumer’s loss. A class action allows those consumers to band together to right the wrong.” 


Current Investigations

Practice Area Case Title Issue
Consumer Fraud Timeshare Fraud / Timeshare Cancellation

Did you purchase a timeshare from a timeshare company?  Do you feel you were deceived into buying a timeshare that is worthless or that you cannot even use?  Have the costs of timeshare ownership and escalating...

Consumer Fraud Virtual Mining Corporation and Active Mining Corporation

We are investigating the marketing and advertising practices of an enterprise using the names "Virtual Mining Corporation" and "Active Mining Corporation". We have received reports these companies, operated from Springfield, Missouri have accepted orders and full pre-payments from consumers for...

Consumer Fraud Butterfly Labs and BF Labs, Inc. Bitcoin Miners

We are investigating the marketing and advertising practices of the company BF Labs, Inc., which does business under the name "Butterfly Labs". We have received reports that Butterfly Labs, based in Leawood, Kansas, has accepted orders and full pre-payments from consumers for Bitcoin mining...

Abusive Debt Collectors Consumer Fraud Scott Tucker, AMG Services, and CLK Management

A maze of websites and business names making online payday loans with ultra-high interest rates, are ultimately controlled by a group of individuals located in Overland Park, Kansas, according to former employees and a government investigation. 


Abusive Debt Collectors Consumer Fraud PRA, Inc.

We have filed suit against a group of individuals and a network of shell companies, which have used illegal threats and deception to induce consumers or their family members to pay non-exist debts. This network has been using the name "PRA, Inc.", to confuse consumers into believing the group is...

Past Results

Practice Area Case Title Issue Result
Telemarketing Violations Did you receive a text message after calling 1-800-600-0949?

Did you receive a text message after calling 1-800-600-0949? If so, you may be entitled to $1,500 per text message.

Wood Law Firm, LLC and Bill Kenney Law Firm, LLC announced that two...


Consumer Fraud Insurance Disputes In Re: Capital One Credit Protection Fraud

Capital One charged cardholders enrolled in "Payment Protection" a fee for what it promised would provide debt cancellation when certain events, such as involuntary unemployment, disability, or...

$250 million nationwide settlment providing benefits to consumers who had enrolled in the Capital One...

Telemarketing Violations Top Craft v. Coffman Group

An Overland Park, Kansas based sales training company sent over 6,000 unsolicited facsimile advertisements to small businesses in Missouri. Our firm brought suit against the company for violations...

$600,000 policy limits settlement for the class and an agreed injunction stopping further unsolicited facsimile advertising by the company.

Serious Injuries L.B. v. Confidential Lodging Company

Our young client was attending an awards banquet held at a hotel resort. A hotel shuttle bus provided service from the banquet facility to resort cabins. The hotel filled the shuttle bus beyond...

$1.5 million settlment, including client's past and future medical needs.

Telemarketing Violations Mortgage Depot Junk Faxes

A Kansas based mortgage broker sent tens of thousands of junk faxes promoting mortgage reates to consumers and small businesses in Kansas and Missouri. Our firm brought suit against the...

$1.5 million settlement for the class and an agreed injunction stopping further unsolicited facsimile advertising by the company.