Scott Tucker, AMG Services, and CLK Management


A maze of websites and business names making online payday loans with ultra-high interest rates, are ultimately controlled by a group of individuals located in Overland Park, Kansas, according to former employees and a government investigation. 

Websites such as Ameriloan, 500 Fastcash, United Cash Loans, One Click Cash, WebFastCash, US Fast Cash, and others purport to be part of Native American Indian Tribes, however evidence indicates these websites operate under a "rent-a-tribe" structure to avoid civil and criminal liability for making illegal and usurious loans.

An extensive investigation by the Center for Public Integrity and CBS News found virtually all of these loan operations were ultimately controlled by Scott Tucker from an office building in Overland Park, Kansas. Fox 4 News Kansas City reported employees were told to lie and tell customers the operations were located on Tribal lands in Oklahoma and Nebraska. The loan operations have also been sued by the Federal Trade Commission for violations of federal law.

Our firm has filed a lawsuit on behalf of consumers who paid interest on illegal payday loans made by the payday loan operations. If you have obtained a payday loan over the Internet, or have information about this investigation, please contact us using the form below.

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